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Friday, March 4, 2011

1/4" Hole Plugs

Love this little guy, magic indeed !

I was truly amazed when I saw they in my Mesa/Boogie cabinets.

I bought them from eBay Motors, they are called - 1/4" Flush Type Hole Plugs (made by plastic).

They function as :

1) Cover unused 1/4" jack sockets-
That's most important ! You will have chance to accidently plug a cord into the wrong jack socket
when setting up on a dark stage (I have done this before with speaker cable ...)

2) Prevent metal part of jacks socket from oxidation.
3) Prevent dust and moisture get into your amplifier or other devices through jacks socket.

Back panel from my Diezel Herbert.
All the unused 1/4" jack sockets are covered by the magic "little guys" now.

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