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Monday, February 21, 2011

Mesa/Boogie Stiletto Traditional 4x12" cabinet modified with X-pattern speakers combination

Since I have a Diezel Herbert, I have been searching a great 4x12" cabinet to match with my Herbert.
None of my cabinets can handle the massive bass response from Diezel Herbert very well.

I know Diezel amp is better suit with Diezel cabinets and I believe a Diezel front-loaded 4x12" cabinet will match perfectly with my Herbert. Anyway, that's not easy to get a Diezel 4x12" cabinet here.
Besides I have another four 4x12" cabinets in my house, so I'm going to modify one of those cabinets
that I already have to match Diezel Herbert

Therefore, I decided to take two Celestion G12K-100 speakers out from Orange PPC412 HP8 and swapped them with two Vintage30 speakers in my Mesa/Boogie Stiletto cabinet.

I chose Stiletto cabinet to be modified because its size is closer with Diezel cabinet.
Diezel cabinet dimension : H745 x W745 x D365mm
Mesa Stiletto cabinet dimension : H768 x W758 x D362mm

Left side is the Orange PPC412HP8 cabinet with Celestion G12K-100 (China made) speakers.
Right side is the Mesa/Boogie Stiletto cabinet with Celestion Vintage30 (UK/British made) speakers.

Four Celestion G12K-100 speakers in a cabinet sound too bassy and total 400w is too much headroom for me,
I feel more like plugged into a bass cabinet instead of guitar cabinet. G12K-100 speaker sounds mid-scooped,
just like a G12T-75 but with extended bass response and sparkling not harsh high frequency.

If you like G12T-75, I bet you'll like G12K-100 speakers too.

G12K-100 frequency response chart :

G12T-75 frequency response chart :

Vintage30 frequency response chart :

I've blended Vintage30 speakers in my Stiletto cabinet with G12K-100 speakers. They are in the X-pattern,
just like what I have been done in my Marshall 1960B cabinet with G12T-75/Vintage30 speakers.

I like the result of this modification. Blended Vintage30 with G12K-100 speakers in Mesa/Boogie cabinet
really solve my problem. My Herbert sounds much tigher, no more flabby bass response. G12K-100 speakers can handle the massive bass response very well.
Anyway, I still want a Diezel front-loaded 4x12" cabinet with G12K-100/V30 speakers to match with my Herbert !
Too bad that my other ENGL and Mark V amps DON'T like the G12K-100/V30 speakers combination.

=Stay tuned. Video clip will be uploaded soon=

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