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Friday, February 11, 2011

Paul Reed Smith guitars that I owned before.

PRS CE-22 was my first PRS guitar back to year 2003.
CE (Classic Eletric, Bolt-on maple neck) series was discontinued.
It has bird inlays and nice figure maple top, a rare CE-22 that I've never seen before.

Nice figure maple top.

Old PRS locking tuners.

Equipped with PRS "Dragon" Bass and Treble pickups. They stopped making them.
I heard Paul Reed Smith using them in his personal guitars.
Long maple neck tenon. Someone from PRS factory drawn a cute cartoon on it.

PRS Singlecut(Pre-Gibson Lawsuit model) was my another PRS during year 2004.
It has a really fat mahogany neck and thick mahogany body with maple top.
I like it better than any Gibson Les Paul that I had before.

PRS Standard 24 with bird inlays was my another PRS guitar back to year 2006.

Old PRS bird inlays. I don't like current bird inlays design.

All mahogany body with mahogany neck (long tenon).
It sounds darker and warmer than Custom 22/24.

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