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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pedaltrain PRO softcase replacement.

The zipper head of my Pedaltrain PRO softcase is BROKEN.

The situation is really bad, I'm not able to zip it up easily anymore.

I emailed to Pedaltrain and asking for help. On the next day, Lizzie from Pedaltrain
replied me that I'll get the replacement under warranty. She informed the local distributor,
The Guitar Store (a.k.a "TGS") to take care of my replacement.

Few days later, Mr.Low KS (Director of "TGS") has sent me the NEW softcase replacement.

Superb Customer Service from "Pedaltrain" and "The Guitar Store".
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Lizzie and Mr.Low KS.

Now I got the replacement and don't need to worry about the broken zipper of my old Pedaltrain softcase.

The new zipper heads seem much reliable.


  1. Are you trying to sell the defective case (I could probably get it to work)? What would you sell it for?

  2. Not at all. I must return it back to distributor.