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Friday, July 1, 2011

VOX Big Bad Wah - Joe Satriani signature wah pedal

I owned many wah pedals before - Fulltone Clyde Wah, RMC Picture Wah, Dunlop Crybaby GCB-95Q, Dunlop 535Q Chrome, Dunlop "Crybaby from Hell" and cheap Behringer "HellBabe".

VOX "Big Bah Wah" is the only wah pedal that I truly love. It sounds really deep and rich.
It's very versatile as you can select either between UK/US style two inductors or Wah-1/Wah-2 modes.
In Wah-2 mode, a mini toggle switch enables you to choose between two kind of voicings -
Typical "Bright" or Darker "Vowely" sound. There's also a 10db booster drive knob in Wah-2 mode.

Although it's NOT true-bypassed, it has a great buffered-bypass instead.
I DON'T hear any "tone suck" from this wah pedal.

It was made in Japan. It has light-weighted chassis, just about the half weight of typical Dunlop Crybaby.
It will definitely save your heavy pedalboard loading.

Two inductors inside the "Big Bad Wah" - UK/US style inductors.
Even though their differences are subtle, I prefer US style inductor (white color which I believe) in high gain soloing.
"UK style" inductor is for vintage and warm sound, "US style" inductor is for modern and screaming.

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