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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Diezel Herbert vs VH4

Herbert or VH4 ? That's really a hard choice. Let me show you the differences between them

=Main Features Comparison=

VH4: 4 channels - Clean, Crunch, Mega, Lead.
Herbert: 3 channels - Clean, Crunch "+/-", Lead.

VH4: NO.
Herbert: YES.

Preamp Tubes
VH4: 7 x ECC83/12AX7.
Herbert: 6 x ECC83/12AX7.

Poweramp Tubes
VH4: 4 poweramp tubes, one bias trim-pot.
Herbert: 6 poweramp tubes (180w headroom !!!), three bias trim-pots for each pair.

Effect Loops
VH4: 6 FX loops - Serial, Parallel (MIDI) and 4 Channel Inserts (MIDI).
Herbert: 3 FX loops - Serial, Parallel and Switchable Loop (MIDI).

Second Master Volume
VH4: YES and NO (Use parellel FX loop volume to be second master volume).
Herbert: YES.

= Q&A =

Which one is versatile ?
Ans: I think is Both. VH4 covers jazz, blues, rock to old-school metal,
        but Herbert can do even further to modern metal territory.

Which one has better clean channel ?
Ans: I think is Herbert Ch1, especially when "Mid-Cut" enganged.

Which one has better lower or middle gain for vintage tone ?
Ans: VH4 Ch2 which has more "organic" sound.
         Herbert Ch2 is dryer, modern and stiff no matter "+" or "-".

Which one has less Diezel famous compressed tone ?
Ans: My 2012 VH4. Herbert Ch3 is much compressed than VH4 Ch4.

Which one has bassy, boomy and huge bottom end ?
Ans: Herbert for sure.

Which one has less Diezel famous "Hi-Fi" one ?
Ans: VH4.

Which one has sizzle and fizzy on top ?
Ans: Herbert is brighter. VH4 is much darker.
         All Diezel amps actually sound smooth like a silk.

Which one has aggressive and brutal high gain channel ?
Ans: Herbert Ch2 when "Mid-Cut" enganged. Without "Mid-Cut", I think is VH4 Ch3.

Which one has tighter and faster tracking response ?
Ans: VH4 for sure.

Use one word to describe them.
Ans: "Extreme" for Herbert, "Balance" for VH4.

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