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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Session Music, Frankfurt Germany

I was heading to Session Music, Frankfurt where is about 20min car drive distance from Frankfurt Airport.

Here we are - Session Music, Frankfurt.

The main entrance.

Guitars and basses are mainly displayed at 2nd floor.

High-end guitars are displayed in their "Custom Shop Room"

Fender Custom Shop guitars

PRS guitars

Gibson Custom Shop guitars

Les Paul !!!

Gibson Les Paul Custom !!!
I was trying to pick one up .... trust me, that was hard choice.

See those price tags ...

Test Room 3 - Mesa/Boogie, ENGL, Diezel, Peavey, Laney, Laboga, Hughes and Kettner and etc.
You are welcome to test any guitar or amp that you want.

One of my favourite amps - ENGL !!!

Test Room 4 - Marshall and Blackstar.

I was nearly able to bring back ENGL Invader II (30th Anniversary, black face with certificate).
As a former Invader owner, I would say that I love Invader II much better.
The Ch.3 of Invader II doesn't sound like old one at all which was way too mid-scooped.
Ch.4 of Invader II is not only great for lead but even thrash metal rhythm as well.
Invader II (E642/2) reminds me the tone of Lead I and Lead II channel from Special Edition (E670).

Artist Edition (E651) still sounds like Blackmore signature head (E650) with a lot of piercing highs,
but it has slightly saturated tone and wider gain range than E650.

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