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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ESP Viper distressed with "Iron Cross" inlays

This is my ESP Viper distressed and specially ordered from ESP Japan
for factory "Iron Cross" inlays on fretboard.

"Distressed" as known as "Relic". This is originally done by ESP.

EMG-60X and 81X pikcups are installed on my Viper
These EMG "X-series" pickups sound open and much less compress feeling than regular EMG pickups.
They has lesser gain than regular EMG pickups as well.
Gold hardwares on my Viper distressed are all relic'ed in details. Welldone ! ESP.

Look at those pearloid "Iron-Cross" inlays !

Custom vintage bindings surround headstock and fretboard.
It also comes with Gotoh Magnum locking tuners.

As a previous owner of Gibson SG, I much prefer ESP Viper body shape.
It has better body weight balance because of the offset body shape and
ESP Viper looks much more cooler than Gibson SG.

Lacquer finish is perfect for any kinda relic work.
And you can see the natural color of mahogany wood from Viper body and neck.

The upper frets are very easy to be easy because the neck-joint is carved smooth.
ESP Viper has thicker body than Gibson SG as well.

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