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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bugera Amp (The Soul of Valves)

There was a surprise waiting for me when I walked into the local guitar shop.
I was going to buy a new 4x12" cabinet, but I bought a Bugera 333 amp instead.

I have noticed the Bugera Amplification since they struck into the market by using low budget strategy on day one.
Most of the Bugera amps design are actually "inherited" from other amp companies such as Peavey, Marshall, Mesa/Boogie and Matchless/Bad Cat.

I believe the Bugera Amplification is the sister company of Behringer corporation.
And they are all made in Mainland, China.
Most of the people worry about the reliability of Bugera amps because
they believe there are many cheap components inside the amps.
Well, "You get what you pay for", right ? That's a fair comment.

~Shiny chrome face plate~

Super bright pilot lights ...

Channel foot-switch (... Boss/Roland type foot-switch)

Effect loop (Two level controls for each Send and Return)
Damping switch is on the right side for speakers response control - tight or loose.

External Bias Adjustable System just like Peavey amps - which is inaccurate and useless,
because it is measured by using "grind voltage" method.

Internal circuit (cheap components inside ?)

Basically, Bugera 333 is just like a Peavey Triple XXX which has been discontinued.
The price of a Bugera amp is nearly half-priced of Peavey amps.
Below is the comparison between Bugera and Peavey amps.

USD 1350 Peavey JSX
USD 600 Bugera 333XL

USD 1000 Peavey 3120/Triple XXX
USD 550 Bugera 333

USD 1100 Peavey 6505/5150
USD 500 Bugera 6260

USD 1160 Peavey 6505+/5150II
USD 550 Bugera 6262

Here is the video clip of my Bugera 333.

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