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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Last Part - Marshall 1960B 4x12" cabinet modified with X-pattern speakers combination

Here is the video clip of my Marshall 1960B with X-pattern speakers combination.

From the video clip above, you can hear the tone differences between stereo and mono mode
under different kind of speakers combination.

On 1:07 and 1:31 from the video clip, there are only either each pair of G12T-75 speakers or
Vintage 30 speakers connected. You can compare these two classic speakers easily.

The sensitivity of Vintage 30 is 100dB, but G12T-75 speaker is 97dB.
When you connected these two kind of speakers together,
you can hear the Vintage 30 more than G12T-75.

What you need to take note are these :
1) Speakers total impedance.
2) Speakers total pwer handling.
3) Positives and Negatives of the speakers.

No matter you have either 2x12" or 4x12" speakers cabinet,
you can use any kind of different speakers combination.

Besides this Bogner Uberschall cabinet type of diagonal X-pattern speakers combination,
you can also follow the design of Mesa/Boogie Roadking 4x12" cabinet(parallel and vertical combination).
- Black Shadow C90 and Vintage 30 speakers (picture from Harmony Central Forum)

I want to emphasize that using same kind of speakers combination will NOT let you to get
the exactly tone of either Bogner or Mesa/Boogie cabinets.
Your Marshall 1960B cabinet definitely will NOT become Bogner Uberschall cabinet.

This modification is just to let you know more about that final sound of different kind of speakers
in the same cabinet that you have. Please be remember different cabinet design in different size,
structure and material will also affect the tone.

This modification brings my Marshall 1960B cabinet to life.
My Marshall 1960B cabinet became much tighter and smoother highs by using Vintage 30 speakers in.

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