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Friday, January 15, 2010

My second ENGL amp head - InVader 150 (E640) review

Guess : Which model of this ENGL amp ?

YES ! The InVader 150 is here.
Shiny chrome front panel and ENGL logo. You need to give some effort for keeping it shiny as new.

Great features from ENGL InVader model -
1) Noise gate on/off button (Threshold level is on the rear panel as usual)
2) Two effect loops switcher I/II - MIDI assignable
3) Amp Mute - have to use MIDI footswitch to control
4) MIDI Write/Copy
5) Depth Punch control
6) Electronic safety systems
7) Power Tube Monitor (P.T.M) system - status indicated by Write/Copy LED

The most important part is : The InVader offers 4 independent channels :
Ch1 - Sparkling clean channel. The best clean channel that I ever heard from ENGL amps.
Ch2 - Moderate hi-gain channel with british crunchy sound.
Ch3 - Typical ENGL modern hi-gain channel - aggressive, tight and brutal.
Ch4 - Hi-gain channel with mid boost sound (very fat and saturated, good for lead).

Bright and Gain Booster
("Hi-Gain" is always switched off ... Too MUCH gain to me)

Blue Ghost Flames (powered by six super bright LEDs)

MIDI controller module (ENGL MIDI footswitch is optional ... quite expensive)

Nice noise-gate design from ENGL

Two independent effect loops - I/II (parallel to serial adjustable)

Signal Outputs - Preamp out and Line out

Excellent craftmanship from Germany !

Chassis removed for checking bias setting

Internal circuit ... quite massive

Video clip of my ENGL InVader 150 -


  1. Hi,

    I saw you removed your amp from the chassis. Could you tell me how exactly I can do that in a safe way? I am trying to bias my amp and unscrewed everything on the back, but the chassis doesn't seem to come out that easily and I don't want to risk breaking something.


  2. Hi Jeroen,

    I'd suggest you to remove all the tubes and chassis screws first,
    then put your amp face up on your bed (eyes facing the ENGL logo badge).

    Pressing hard on the face plate by using your body weight to push the chassis out from the cabinet.

    You need to put some effort on it since ENGL applied some kinda glue material on the chassis.