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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review of Caparison Horus (Deep Sea)

Caparison Horus was developed by the collaboration with
a Japanese guitarist, Chacha Maru and made its debut in 1995.

This guitar is very light, around 6lbs only.
The "sponge paint" idea is cool, and make every guitar unique even though they are actually same model.
It has short neck scale and small neck width, really easy to play with it.

I really love my Caparison Horus, but the bridge pickup (BH-IIR) is too weak for heavy metal.
I'd switched over from Seymour Duncan SH-8, SH-13, TB-4 to TB-6 pickups.
At last, I decided to change the bridge pickup to Caparison PH-R and CGCFAD tuning on my Horus.

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