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Saturday, August 14, 2010

NEW Diezel Herbert 2010 Review

Here is my new baby - Diezel Herbert 2010 (white tolex, assembled by "Lars")

Diezel Amplification - One of the famous boutique amp companiens from Germany.

Diezel Amplification - Founded by Peter Diezel and Peter Stapfer.
"Herbert" is the name of Peter Diezel's father.

Three channels -
Ch1 - Ultra clean Jazz tone
Ch2 ("- or +" mode) - From Blues, Hard Rock to all kind of Metal, tight and focus.
Ch3 - Juicy saturated lead tone, sustains for days.

MIDI switchable "Mid Cut" function -
The most important feature of Diezel Herbert, varies tone from here.
You want something like Dimebag PANTERA tone ? You need this for sure !
It can be acted as "Mid Boost" as well.

Super bright blue L.E.D

New internal bias system of new Herbert 2010 -
No more easy external bias system due to the restriction from Germany government

Biasing instruction is printed on the board -
Lethal high-voltage inside the amp ! Be careful !

Stickes from Diezel, Thanks Peter !

MIDI controller chip sent from Diezel, Thanks Peter !

Spare parts for my Herbert , Thanks Peter and Lars !
Diezel is a great company taking great care of their amps and customers.

Diezel Herbert Ch2 Demo (Under bedroom volume level)


  1. Some people asked me about how does the Herbert go up against with ENGL Invader.
    First, Herbert has huge bottom end. Ch3 of Herbert is highly compressed and saturated (really FAT)
    which likes the Ch4 of ENGL Invader, but Herbert has tons of gain than Invader.
    To me, Ch3 Herbert and CH4 of ENGL Invader are the best for solo lead tone.
    Ch3 of ENGL Invader is mid-scooped modern voicing, great for heavy rhythm playing
    and Ch2 sounds old-school and vintage crunchy.
    With Herbert, I mainly use Ch2 "+" mode with "mid-cut" engaged for all kind of metal.
    Of course, Herbert has better clean tone for jazz, funk and country.
    Both amps are versatile, MIDI switching capable and unique/diferrent from each other.