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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Krank Krankenstein (5881 version) Review

This is my Krankenstein, Dimebag Darrell signature model
This is the discontinued original version and running with Sovtek 5881 powertubes.
The current production - Plus (+) version is running KT88 powertubes,
having larger output transformer and active FX booster.

Green-eyed Monster
Metallic power switchers on the original Krankenstein.
The "Krank amplification" logo is smaller than Plus (+) version.

Back panel - Do you see the picture of Dimebag Darrell ?
There is a "FX Boost" on the back panel. Connect a patch cable on the FX loop and pull the pot out,
you can get extra gain/volume from it

Krank Amplification, made in U.S.A.

Worldwide voltage selector

Internal circuit of Krankenstein

I believe these mini switches are (S3 and S4) for converting between Krank Revolution and Krankenstein model.
If you switched S4 both sides (1 & 2) to "REV" position,
you would get much darker tone, much more output volume and huge bottom end punch.
If you switched either 1 or 2 to "REV" position, you would get rid of fizziness from Krankenstein.
Do these at your own risk !!!

Different value of presence pot between Krank Revolution and Krankenstein model.

The plate voltage of Krankenstein is around 535VDC
(Dangerous! Lethal high voltage inside the amp!)

Below is the demo video of my Krankenstein -