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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crybaby From Hell - Dimebag Darrell signature model

I love the camoflaged finish.

"CFH" (Crybaby From Hell) logo on the pedal.
Two LEDs on the bottom - Green shows "wah effect" is on, Red shows "15db booster" is engaged.

This is the most powerful wah pedal that I've ever owned before.
It's actually based on famous Crybaby 535Q with more functions.

Features :
1) TWO output jacks, one of them can be switchable as either input or output jack.
This can be accomplished by a small slide switch which is labelled as "JP2" on the internal PCB board.
2) "Variable Q", "Booster Volume" and "Fine Tune" adjustment knobs.
3) 6-position "Wah Frequency Range" selector.
4) 15db Booster on/off switch.

Tuned by Italian FASEL inductor (red color).
Two typical types of FASEL inductors - Red and Yellow.
Red gives you modern and brighter sound, Yellow gives you vintage, warm and mellow sound.

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