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Thursday, September 1, 2011

OKKO Dominator

OKKO effect pedals are hand-built in Leipzig, Germany by Heiko Lauenroth.
He's not only designer to builds his own hand-made effects pedals,
but he also mods other pedals like the "Tube Factor" from Hughes&Kettner.

Bass/MIDs/Treble/Gain/Level and 3PDT true-bypass switch.
Hand-painted chassis.

Mine is older Grey color chassis. Heiko told me that if the PCB board inside is red color,
the sound and circuit is exactly like the current "Red color chassis" version.
If it has green PCB (one of the very first version), it has slightly darker sounding.
There will be a minor change in the next batch of Dominators as well.

Input/Output Jacks, 9VDC jack and MID-Range switch.
The MID-Range switch has 3 kind of tone setting :
Left position - MID
Middle position - Low MID
Right position - High MID

The differences between these three settings are subtle.

An internal circuit in Dominator that electronically doubles the supplied voltage to 18volt
from a regular 9V battery or adapter for more headroom and clarity.

OKKO Dominator is a great distortion pedal indeed.
It's very responsive to your picking style, I mainly use this pedal for high gain lead tone.

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