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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MXR Wylde Phase (a.k.a "ZW-90")

I bought two Zakk Wylde signature pedals -
MXR Black Label Chorus, ZW-38
MXR Wylde Phase, ZW-90

ZW-90 is a great Phase 90 pedal. It sounds warm and smooth to me.
It won't harsh or overpowered your tone.

HOW does it compare with other models of MXR Phase 90 ?
However according to Dunlop, Zakk Wylde uses a Phase 90 and wanted one named after him so hence we have the ZW-90. The ZW-90 "Wylde Phase" and the regular block logo Phase 90, M101 are the same pedal.
Also an EVH Phase 90 with "Script" button OFF, it will sound the same as ZW-90 or M101.
MXR Custom Shop Script Phase 90, CSP101CL is an EVH Phase 90 with "Script" button permanently ON.
Only the model, CSP026 is a hand-wired Phase 90 and has all the same old components that MXR used back in the 1970's. But it'll be powered by 9v battery ONLY, no jack for an 9VAC adapter.

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