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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Torsion Block Bracket/Knurl Pin Replacement for Crybaby Wah Pedal (Separate Wah Pedal)

Some metal parts on my Crybaby From Hell were rusted.
Joe Lam, eletronic manufacturing manager from Dunlop sent me the replacement parts directly from U.S.
What a great customer service ! Thanks, Joe and Dunlop !

Knurl pins on the left side and Torsion Block Brackets on the right side.

Follow the instructions from Joe, I need to loosen the torque clutch by allen screw first.

Gently hammer the Old rusted Knurl Pin out by using the New Knurl Pin.

The New Knurl Pin was hammered into the half-way of the pedal.

Stop the procedure above and totally pull the New Knurl Pin out.
Turned pedal to the other side, you will see the Old rusted Knurl Pin was about the half-way out.
Use pliers to slowly remove it out from the pedal.

The Old Knurl Pin was rusted.

The expression pedal was successfully separated.

Old Torsion Block Bracket was rusted which need to be replaced by a new one.

Hammer the New Knurl Pin back to pedal.

Adjust and match back the pot gear and rack perfectly.
(Picture from Joe Lam)

Congratulation. The replacement was done.

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