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Thursday, May 1, 2014

ESP Eclipse 24 USA 7-string Baritone

I just acquired a new ESP Eclipse 24 USA 7 string Baritone - 27" neck scale.

This is special ordered and exclusives for an ESP dealer, Bmusic in Australia.
There are only total 6 Baritones of Eclipse 24 USA 7 string - 4 in Satin Black, 1 in Silverburst
and 1 in Gloss Black which I believe which is mine now.

Eclipse 24 USA is an export model for oversea market especially for US.
It has block ESP logo, 24 frets, 3 control knobs, thinner body and shorter cutaway horn
which make this model looks more different than a Gibson Les Paul guitar
because of the copyright lawsuit between Gibson and ESP.

Eclipse 24-7 features a bound Mahogany body and carved Maple top,
Black hardware, Ebony fingerboard with no inlays, 24 XJ frets,
EMG 81-7 (bridge) and 707 (neck) active pickups, Gotoh fixed bridge and taipiece.

Thin-U neck contour, 27" baritone neck scale and 48mm nut width.

Sperzel TrimLock tuners, "ESP standard series" logo and "Made in Japan" sticker.

Truas rod

My massive low-end gear !


  1. Beautiful guitar!! I came across your axe on google images and I recently submitted an ESP order form through my local guitar center for a quote for nearly the exact same thing you have except in snow white with a white headstock and am currently waiting to hear back on the quote! I know its kind of a personal question but if you don't mind me asking how much you had to pay for this gorgeous instrument, I would appreciate it greatly!

  2. Hello I need your help. I followed your instructions to wire my cab in the X series/parallel way. In the cab picture i only see 2 wire ends (1+ and 1-). But you ended up with 4 wires (2+ and 2-). My question is: Should I have a set of wires coming off of the 2 top speakers? If i had your email address i could send you a picture.