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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ESP E-II Horizon NT-7B Baritone

My first "E-II" guitar - Horizon NT-7B (27" baritone) from ESP Japan.

After tested HRF NT-7B and T-B7, I had decided to get myself Horizon NT-7B.
All these three E-II baritone guitars have similar features - maple neck-thru-body with alder wings,
ebony fretboards, tune-o-matic bridge and etc, but I really like the reverse headstock and body shape of Horizon.

Satin black/matte finish body.

The Horizon NT-7B has pretty light weight body. Unfortunately, there is no body binding.

Ebony fretboard with killer "black pearloid" binding.

TonePros "Locking" Tune-O-Matic bridge.
You can lock the bridge by the screws to prevent the bridge fall out to scratch or dent the paint during strings changing.

"E-II" is the new series to replace ESP "Standard" series which introduced in year 2013.
The reason is to further differentiate the ESP Custom Shop with the same ESP logo on the headstock before on "Standard" series.
All E-II guitars are grafted by same ESP luthiers in Japan where the "Standard" series being made.
Personally, I don't feeel any difference between E-II and ESP "Standard" series after playing "Standard" series for a decade.

Maple neck-thru-body with alder wings.
ESP battery compartment is a really great design.

Sperzel USA locking tuners.

A great guitar indeed.

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